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Congratulations to one of our clients, Knob Creek Range for landing a new show on CMT to air this spring called GUNTUCKY.

Knob Creek Range

West Point, KY 

Home of the bi-annual Machine Gun Shoot

Machine Gun Shoot 

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Knob Creek Range
KCR Machine Gun Shoot & Military Gun show
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Sunshine & Moonshine

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Sunshine & Moonshine
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Our Story

IMAGE= It is all about you, your company or product.

BRANDERS= It is all about us, taking you, your company and product to the top.

We put our heads and sometimes feet together to bring you the best of our talent and school of hard knocks along with a few lessons learned to put you on top!

From our experience, contacts, sweat and persiverance, we love to tackle the impossible. We are not working behind our computers, iPads and phones with a cape on, but sometimes we feel like we could fly with one. 

We hold back on nothing. We tell it to you like it is, the good, the bad and even admit when we are wrong or hit a brick wall. 

Besides our backgrounds in many marketing, design and promotional areas, we were raised the old fashion way. We were not sent to "Time Out" and have no clue what that would be like. We learned to tell the truth, do better than you planned on and have respect for others. 

We don't look at our clients as a paycheck, we look at our clients as friends and with our wits and muster we find ways to save our friends a lot of money, in order to make them money. Sure, we like the pocket change we get in the end, but that isn't where we start off at.

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We deleted our studio photos, they were just boring so we went with a hat theme instead.

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Ronda Carty

She must of been an Irish Peddler in another life. Ronda  has a mind for sales and marketing a business that's hard to come by. From the days of pen and ink drawings to having a new "thing" called the Macintosh dropped in her lap in 1985, she never looked back. Setting a goal to someday work for Apple Computer Inc., she made it happen and often says, "I made it to the Mother Ship".


She has covered the USA developing prepress departments, was an Instructor for Sullivan University's Marketing and Digital Media Courses. She buys and revamps old publications to make them better and then sells them to find another. Once upon a time she pitched to Venture Capitals to the tune of 3 Million and won, until 3 weeks later the Dot.Com crash hit and it all went away. She does marketing like no other and takes clients to another level to set them apart from the rest.  Never giving up on a limited budget challenge from clients, she knows where to save the money in any visual marketing arena they want to be in.  

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Tyson Rexroat

The man can deliver large scale media as big as you can dream of. Even on a side of a building and a bit of nervousness on a windy day 10 stories up, Tyson puts a nail in the canvas. This  lad at the age of nine  was busy with FreeHand and PhotoShop and didn't own a gaming station, his creations were the game.  Young talent then and a master at it now, if you dream it, he makes it happen as an image on screen, or trucks, or posters, or shirts, or... well, you get the idea. 

Although he has no formal training from any "Art School", he could be the one teaching the class! He lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes designs. That is when he isn't trying a new dish on the grill and taking pictures of it to tease others what he created. 

The only thing that slows this man down is when the turbo blows out.  A need for speed is in his blood and sometimes the fastest computer isn't fast enough for him either.  

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Rod Goodman

A true mad genius on making 30 seconds catch your attention and delivering a surprise the next time you hear it. Living in the office and not seeing daylight maybe is where great ideas happen. Meeting him after hours you will know he needed to get out and express himself.  You end up enjoying a free comedy performance you didn't see coming. Rod can't say hello in Louisville, KY without someone saying, "Do I know you?" NO, it is the voice you know from the radio.


Our formally trained genius has worked coast-to-coast bringing a unique look at things the rest of us cock our heads at like the RCA dog,  then the light bulb goes off and we move on. Do you need that CA style, or the sunny south to the midwest mind? It is all inside this man and we love seeing what comes out. Clients of Fortune 100 to the family ran business have been blessed with the works of this brain to gain recognition and top their competition. 


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Alan  Bishop

Give a man a fish and he eats once, give him one day with Alan and he will learn 100 things to do with it and teach you how to fish as well. Not a fisherman by heart, he is a Master of the Soil, Mr. Green Thumb at its best. When we talk about all of us being down to earth, Alan is our leader.


Deep thinker and soul searching Alan can create magic out of thin air. He is a marketing and event planning maestro. Give him a challenge and watch it come to life.  From special events, to town festivals there isn't a limit on the size of event he will not take on. He can pull groups together for a venue like peanut butter and jelly. The right mix to be a crowd pleaser.

Purveyor of all of life's mysteries, obsessed with "knowing" himself and who and what he can, am, was and will be,  is Alan Motivation is a built in circuit in this mans being. He not only is a positive minded person but he is there with you all the way when your stressed and confused. He delivers that much needed outlook and within a flash, all is good once again. 

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